Our Services

Performing arts facilities are among the most difficult building types to design. A range of variables come into play, including operational patterns, critical relationships between functions, technical necessities, economic constraints, technological advancements, and the resolution of often disparate interests. Theatre Consultants Collaborative offers an integrated approach to the complexities of the design and development process with services that are tailored to each client’s needs and budget. These services include:

Programming and Conceptual Design

  • Building space programs
  • Bubble diagrams indicating functional adjacencies
  • Individual room data sheets
  • Conceptual design of performance and ancillary spaces
  • Order of magnitude cost projections

Auditorium Design

  • Detailed design and shaping of auditorium and stage
  • Seating layouts
  • Sightline analyses
  • ADA accommodation

Theatre Planning

  • Functional planning of front-of-house public spaces and back-of-house support facilities
  • Layout of performance and production spaces
  • Detailed design of studio theatres, rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms, control rooms, grids, catwalks, orchestra pits, and stage floor construction

Performance Systems Design

    • Preliminary performance equipment outlines and budgets
    • Heat and electrical loading reports
    • Structural loading reports
    • Design of performance systems, including;
  • Performance lighting systems
  • Sound and communication systems
  • Performance rigging and stage equipment
  • Auditorium seating
  • Adjustable acoustic devices
  • Orchestra Shells

Life-Cycle Analysis

  • Focus on sustainability for the future
  • Assess existing equipment and develop  a Capital plan
  • Life-Cycles of performance equipment analysis
  • Budget Projections for maintenance, repair, and replacement of critical systems
  • Detailed reporting to aid in fundraising campaigns and donor presentations