USA Today – August 20, 2012

TCC was quoted today in an article featured in USA Today’s Tech section:  ”Apps now key to small business savings.”  The full article can be read here: – February, 2012
Connecting Art and Architecture, by Josh Allen, Curtis Kasefang, Jason Prichard
Apple profiles TCC on the use of iPad in Theatre Consulting on its iPad in Business site… View Article/Video at – February, 2012
Connecting Art and Architecture, by Lucy Suros, Josh Allen
Architects tasked with designing performing arts facilities often look for help from professionals specializing in theatre… View Article at

Auditoria – Annual 2010
Musical Masterpiece, by Alan Joslin and Jillian Brown
Shalin Liu Performance Center is a world-class music hall aiming to help the arts flourish locally in US town, Rockport… Download
December 2009 / Live Design
Creating Sustainable Theatres: Part 2 by Curtis Kasefang
In Part 1 (28October 2009), I spoke in general of sustainability. Here are some specific areas to consider in new buildings or renovations… Download
October 2009 / Live Design
Creating Sustainable Theatres: Part 1 by Curtis Kasefang
Following up on Bob Usdin’s excellent piece on the greening of the entertainment industry in the “Green Issue”, I want to explore the broader picture… Download
April 2009 / Live Design
What Shade of Green? by Joshua C. Allen
While at LDI in Las Vegas last fall, my colleague at Theatre Consultants Collaborative, LLC, Curtis Kasefang, and I attended a session that addressed the topic of green theatre… Download
September 2006 / DramaBiz
Theatre Consultants, by Beth Downing
Do you know the best way to work with a consultant%3F Consultants can help you make improvements — if you know how to work with them… Download
August 2006 / Live Design
Proctor’s Gamble, by Marian Sandberg
Renovating Proctor’s Theatre meant knocking down almost everything with a promise of restoring its historic design… Download
February 2005 / Entertainment Design
Regarding Lighting Consoles, with Curtis Kasefang
After sitting through several console demos at ETS-LDI 2004, I found myself marveling at just how information-thin most console displays are… Download
Fall 2004 / ASTC Newsletter
The “Green” Design of Performing Arts Buildings, by Robert Long with Todd Hensley
Architects and clients may assume that energy efficient ìgreen strategiesî and performing arts buildings are mutually exclusive, but this does not have to be the case… Download